"And sometimes we might ask if the Christian church…hasn’t carried with it too much of its past, and left behind too little. Forgetting is probably more difficult for a religious tradition than any other human heritage. But God is not only the beginning from which we came; He is also the end to which we go. He is the creator of the new as well as the ancient of days. To all creatures He has given presence; and presence, although it rests on the past, drives into the future. Therefore, all life has received the gift of forgetting. A church that does not accept this gift denies it’s own creatureliness, and falls into the temptation of every church, which is to make itself God. Of course no church or nation or person should ever forget its own identity. We are not asked to forget our name, the symbol of our inner self. And certainly no church is required to forget it’s foundation. But if it is unable to leave behind much of what was built on this foundation, it will lose the future."

— Paul Tillich (via ferretdokhtar)

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