Is Santa a Democrat?

Public Policy Polling — unofficial motto: “Pay Attention to Us!” — finds that 44% of Americans believe Santa is a Democrat, 28% say he is a Republican, while the remainder are annoyed that they can no longer distinguish between crank calls and PPP surveys.

-reported on Comedy Central's blog. It is a real poll though, reported elsewhere.  Wouldn't Santa be more of a communist?  He goes around in his red suit distributing the products of a collective factory and giving them away with no regard for the market?

Merry Xmas.

Merry Xmas.

The Puritans did a lot of good things, but banning Christmas because of eating, drinking and celebrating, not to mention pagan customs like kissing under the mistletoe, was not one of their more admirable ideas.

After all, incarnation means that this world is God’s creation and that God loved it so much that God came here to be with us. The story could not be more this-worldly: pregnant, unwed teenager, perplexed fiancé, arduous journey, inn full of raucous guests, barn full of animals, labor, pain, blood, birth and shepherds.

It could not be more human or more earthy, and that is the point. Incarnation means that God is with us in this world, the sacred in the secular, the holy in the profane. It is this world that God entered on that first Christmas and enters again and again.