Dear Mr. Huckabee,

…I want to suggest that you visit your local public school before passing such judgment in the future. If you visited a neighborhood elementary school like Sandy Hook, or any public school for that matter, you would see that God’s presence and the teachings of Jesus Christ are well represented by the works of the people in those buildings. Now perhaps His presence isn’t seen in the way you want – there aren’t readings from the Bible (or any other religious texts for that matter) and the Ten Commandments aren’t posted in classrooms (nor are the Pillars of Islam, actually), but His presence and teachings are instead practiced, demonstrated, and felt. You see, Mr. Huckabee, if you visited the schools you quickly denounce for removing your symbols of God, you’d find that His work actually takes places there every day…

Mr. Huckabee, why are you… saddened that children aren’t taught Biblical parables instead of uplifted by the miracles that occur in schools every day? If you don’t see God in the efforts and works of schools and educators, I’m afraid you’re not really looking.

You see, Mr. Huckabee, schools don’t need to preach the Gospel or read the Bible every day to bring God into the classroom. He never left.

Is Santa a Democrat?

Public Policy Polling — unofficial motto: “Pay Attention to Us!” — finds that 44% of Americans believe Santa is a Democrat, 28% say he is a Republican, while the remainder are annoyed that they can no longer distinguish between crank calls and PPP surveys.

-reported on Comedy Central's blog. It is a real poll though, reported elsewhere.  Wouldn't Santa be more of a communist?  He goes around in his red suit distributing the products of a collective factory and giving them away with no regard for the market?

Should We Go Back to Adam and Eve to Support ‘Traditional’ Marriage?

Huckabee insists that he is not anti-gay marriage he is pro-traditional marriage which is a “Biblical model.”  Stewart points out, quite rightly, that the Biblical model is polygamy.  Huckabee insists that this is not the case, that the only true Biblical model of marriage is Adam and Eve…

I found the Adam and Eve argument interesting.  First, what do we make of all of the Old Testament figures who had multiple wives.  Should we read Solomon as an example of someone living in sin?  He is traditionally held up as an example of wisdom.  What are the consequences of not living in a traditional marriage?  Is it going to hell?  If so, is Solomon in hell?  If he is not, what would the consequences be for expanding our definition of marriage to include same sex couples?

I have a lot of questions about Adam and Eve as the model for marriage.  Adam and Eve are also the symbols of defiance of God’s will.
If you have ever wondered why Fundamentalists spend a lot of time arguing against the teaching of evolution, because it contradicts the Genesis story in the Bible, and yet do not protest the teaching of linguistics as contradicting the story of the Tower of Babel, it is because Adam and Eve are central to their understanding of the meaning of Jesus’s sacrifice as atonement for original sin.
(The Tower of Babel doesn’t have a lot of impact on this story, although one could make an argument that it mirrors Adam and Eve.  God is jealous of the people for building this grand monument and he seems to be worried that they might become god-like.  So he makes them all speak different languages so they won’t be able to work together.  Thus the creation of different languages.  This is reversed– as Adam and Eve’s sin is reversed by the sacrifice of Jesus– by the Apostles in Acts when they are given the gift of speaking in tongues, that is they can communicate with people in their own languages.)

Were Adam and Eve married in the garden?  The argument that they were (as there is no wedding scene in Genesis) is based on the idea that when God created them for each other, he married them.  Did they need to be married with no other people from which to chose?  Was it being cast out of the garden that made legal marriage necessary?  Marriage is an agreement with society.  There is no society in the Garden of Eden.  Wouldn’t living the example of Adam and Eve in paradise be to get to a state in which unions are so perfect that they operate under the laws of God not the laws of the world and human legal contracts are not necessary to bind them to one another?

From a long post inspired by Mike Huckabee’s appearance on The Daily Show.  Read the entire article on my Word Press blog.


Watch the whole thing. Just do it. 

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Should Obama Force Gay Marriage on Everyone?

I have an interest in Bible study and read a lot of articles on religion and Christian topics.  The assumption is, of course, that if you are interested in the Bible or Christianity you are anti-gay.  So today as I was reading an article I noticed on the side of my screen a poll with this absurd question.  “Should Obama Force Gay Marriage on Everyone?” 

I clicked on “yes.”  Obviously.

"Well, gay marriage has been legal here in Iowa for going on three years now, and just as FOX News predicted, traditional marriage has all but ceased to exist in the Hawkeye state… it’s becoming increasingly difficult to remain married to my wife knowing that it’s completely legal for me to marry a dude."

— Jeff, The Plague of Gay Marriage in Iowa

Opponents of same-sex marriage worry that extending the institution’s rights to gay people will harm heterosexual marriages. But a new study suggests that no one really believes their own relationships are at risk — only other people’s.

The study is a demonstration of the “third-person perception,” a common psychological bias in which people are convinced that others are much more influenced by outside sources such as media and advertising than they themselves are. In the realm of same-sex marriage, people who strongly value authority and tradition were the most likely to demonstrate this third-person effect.

Rev. Michael Usey’s sermon on Feb 19, 2012, titled “The Better Angels of our Nature”. “I hope that we as a congregation will work to defeat Amendment One. Prejudice and discrimination against Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgendered persons is morally repugnant and the very opposite of God’s love.” College Park Baptist Church is located in Greensboro, NC.


Vote Against Amendment One: Laurelyn Dossett and Friends

"Proposition 8 serves no purpose, and has no effect, other than to lessen the status and human dignity of gays and lesbians in California, and to officially reclassify their relationships and families as inferior to those of opposite-sex couples. The Constitution simply does not allow for laws of this sort."

— 9th Circuit of California’s opinion in Perry v. Brown ruling Proposition 8 unconstitutional.